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Thursday, January 27, 2011

iPad Wild West

It's the wild west out there. Just as the early days of website development, everyone now wants a custom iPad app., but no one really know how or what to ask for. A qualified organization should have experience developing web apps as well as mobile apps. A known history of creating self contained software applications helps. ROM, kiosk, web applications and database design are a few good indicators that your team is qualified. Of course, a history of developing iPhone apps is a winner as the platform is essentially the same. Although graphic design and branding agencies will have a firm grasp on the terminology and marketability, they will often hire other development firms to program your solution and may not have the experience or knowledge of how to properly write specifications and plan the project for success.

As producer of the CVMD network, I helped create the world's first cardiovascular audio podcast and later the world's first video podcast of cardiovascular education. Our web development efforts have helped educate the medical field about new technologies and techniques and our asset management solutions and consulting have enabled real time posting of content to multiple devices at once.

Our first iPad app increased sales leads by 30% for a well known medical marketing giant (see Press) and our next project includes compiling educational material into apps designed to increase patient outcomes for a network of hospitals and referring physicians.

It's the wild west out there and there are no borders. Good thing we're saddled up.

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