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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Adaptability in an Endemic Era

With a couple endemic years in the dust, we must now reflect on the fragile nature of humanity. The explosive nature of humanity and both the humane and inhumane aspects of humanity. 

Yes, it seems we are all learning our lessons. Whether it's in strength and courage, or frailty and the delicate nature of health and wellness. Global financial systems and supply chain disruptions due to an overwhelming over-dependence on globalized business operations and fluid transport of goods. Demonstrating just how dependent we are on allocation and availability of goods and fuels. Globally and locally.

Adaptation may be the next sustainability hot term as we learn to change course and redirect our intentions from inner exploits of passing interest to higher degrees of value. Americans are waking to the inner conflicts with consumption. Consuming fuel to arrive to an unnecessary office of individuals whom also consumed fuel and burned carbons to arrive to the same unnecessary work environment.

After years of stalled activities and uncertainty in employment and health, Americans are now identifying with their core values and acknowledging with the intent to alter the antiquated systems built to support a petroleum based economy. This old model is undergoing a cultural shift. One of lesser consumption and greater contribution. A healthy new America.

However, the existing infrastructure is still embedded into the environment and businesses systems are stacked to leverage these systems and capitalize on their operations. Removing or even simply altering their course takes time. We are undergoing a global shift in mindset and old wars are old men jokes in todays woke world. But progress is expensive, especially when profits are to be made. 

Perhaps this is why we are seeing new value systems, bit chains and currency's to support a new incoming economy that is ever further embedded in technology. However, we must also acknowledge the failure points of simplifying every concept into mere 0's and 1's. Our value systems must analyze these digits for another third possibility. A middle way.

Free higher education still seems a fantasy world away for North America. Yet this seems the obvious future. Educated and skilled humans engaged in empathic and affective labor. We must prepare for the continued mechanism of previous labor systems. To author, create and engage with a minimal carbon footprint. This will require education to live and thrive. Loneliness is the new illness and community will be required in new and unexpected ways and forms.

Creative community. Creative culture. Creator economy. Whatever you want to call it or formalize it as. The new coming lifestyle will even further expand on the notion of standing on the shoulder's of prior generations. There will be many painful global lessons along the way too. Adaptable we must become.

"Imagination is the ultimate technology."

Nathaniel Jack Greene - Chief Imaginologist and Founder, Imaginology, LLC

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Managing Virtual Festivals and Clients

 Managing clients can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a successful business.

  • Expectations
  • Budgets
  • Deliverables
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Adaptability/flexibility

Ultimately, the name of the business game for a humanist oriented mission is: to improve the human condition. This can look many ways, but starts with clients as partners aligned with your mission.

Another way is in devoting a year to another organization's non-profit cause and mission. Reducing rates by as much as 65% to ensure that the client has enough room to grow. Advancing their cause and ideally, ensuring they take you with them, as they see the ever increasing value brought to the table in addition to experience and knowledge. Somehow justifying the vast discounts provided for a good client, doing good work for the community.

Show up early. Leave Late. Commit. Grind. Sweat. Produce. Deliver. Confirm.

Unfortunately, ungrateful clients exist, work goes unnoticed, discounts are discounted, demands increase and services and products offered are undervalued.

We work hard to maintain a professional approach to all business handlings, clients, vendors and partners at Imaginology.

Contracts and agreements are how we base all of our business. Imaginology signs the same agreements we request our clients and partners to sign.

All projects are handled with a confirmation of agreement (COA). This is for everyone's protection and ensures that we are all in agreement of what we are delivering etc.

This ensures the client AND Imaginology understands the scope of the project, the timeline for completion and the materials & budget required, with payment details specified in black and white and signed by both parties.

It IS common for the client or Imaginology to need to change the scope of a project when underway. The world is imperfect and we sometimes must adapt to the new circumstances in order to continue to conduct business in a professional manner.

When clients do not acknowledge these changes in contract terms, details or even the concept of "confirmation of agreement", business gets muddy quick.

Communication with the client about these changes and their effects is crucial. Education of these concepts is drastically lacking for leadership in some arts and culture sectors.

Unfortunately, this can lead to underfunded artists and/or business relationships and even exploitation that ends unsuccessfully.

After 25 years of business in multimedia productions, we have seen many client types, productions successes as well as a few failures. 

When Imaginology is doing it's greatest service, it is sometimes simply educating the client, customers and the industry on opportunities for improvement. A good lesson is one that is learned loud and clear.

Given the erratic business climate of a pandemic year, clients appear to be learning the hard way this year.

Imaginology is holding fast to these standards and invites you to reach out to us for consultation on making your live, virtual festival, event or digital culture experience a success worthy of a legacy.

"Imagination is the ultimate technology."

Nathaniel Jack Greene - Chief Imaginologist and Founder, Imaginology, LLC

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Return of Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space - Concept Teaser

A concept teaser trailer for the much anticipated sequel to the cult hit, "Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space". Crash landing near YOU! 

Production by Imaginology, LLC 

Friday, October 15, 2021

Puppetry With Purpose at Imaginology

I have been blessed, gifted, granted and yes, even privileged to have lived the life I have lived and the work I have performed. Defining myself by the work of an Imaginologist has been no simple feat however. With as much support as one receives, one also experiences conflict, resistance and passionate discredit to any human effort. Or so it seems to me. The nature of the beast, perhaps. To please is to also displease. The tao. Evil and Good. Heaven and Hell. Whatever you want to label this duality.

Performing and producing seemingly silly feats of fiction, must be perceived as toiling in the realms of fantasy and disconnectedness from reality by some.


From another perspective, Imaginology is continually producing transformative experiences to colleagues, partners, clients, artists and the general public. Our Character Studio opened February 2020, just as the malaise of plague times had begun it's stronghold on the United States.

The timing seemed incredulous and perfectly aligned with the needs of the moment. Bony Tony had just set foot in a new home to produce web episodes as the world tuned into the confines of their quarantine and seeking a voice of reason for the pandemic sickness and death tolls.

Puppetry With Purpose has always been part of our program. Since working with the live puppet performance troupe Skeleton Puppet Theater, I have often identified moments of overwhelming joy and delight as an unexpected production artifact is generated. A "level-up" if you will. A surprising and welcome extra outcome which seems a result of the formulae of collaborators and contributors to the project.

A few examples include:

- Autism workshop resulting in young adults on auspbergers spectrum interacting with live, animated characters and exercising facial muscles with "eyebrow pushups" and other simple interactive games enabled by technology.

- AZDragoneers introduces transformational art experience in the form of a balloon with a secret message inside. Exchanged when popping, after writing a message for transformation on the outside.

- PTSD military veteran with PTSD sits awkwardly at lunch table discussing his project, but lights up and plays, smiles and engages entirely when introduced to Imaginology live green key studio and puppets.

- Larry The New Kid, a character purchased from a local toy shop becomes a leading role in a promotional commercial for FilmBar Phoenix. Father states that his daughter "had a breakthrough moment" in which he described her courage to perform as permission to "play" and remain curious and imaginative.

- Bony Tony character performs at Halloween 2020 to tears of joy by a local visitor who won the costume contest for wearing a 2020 dumpster fire costume.

- Bony Tony and Stephen Jenkinson discuss grief work and how young people understand death more than adults often credit.

- Filming The Skeletones band video in Studio 8 with UV black light. The characters popped immediately on the screen and showed us how much potential a skeleton band has.

- First time back yard performance of Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space and someone asks if we can make a movie of it, because they want to see it again. Imaginology produces DVD in 2004.

- Breakthrough character design and development moment as high school student visits Imaginology studio to design, sculpt and animate his own punk-rock reptile character. Kid Tyke picked up several illustration jobs and has since progressed into his college career at NAU.

Although these are examples of observation, they also qualitatively confirm the effectiveness of intention based work. A statement from the individual themselves is sometimes the only payment for the work performed. The cash or credit exchange for labor conducted is for another topic, yet these moments are the soul food that encourages the work to continue and serve as examples of how intention guided work yields results directly related to the intention/goal.

Puppetry With Purpose may very well be a hidden element of our intention to "improve the human condition" being an underlying mission. The surprise inside the box.

This is not currently a marketable term, but we have now written it into existence "Puppetry With Purpose". Imaginology and it's associated partners shall be the primary benefactors, as so many have committed their time, energy, beliefs and other resources to enable Puppetry With Purpose at Imaginology. Of course, the opposite may also be true, if only to remain balanced in statement, not action or intention.


To all our relations. Aho.
Nathaniel Jack Greene
Founder and Chief Imaginologist
Imaginology, LLC