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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Adaptability in an Endemic Era

With a couple endemic years in the dust, we must now reflect on the fragile nature of humanity. The explosive nature of humanity and both the humane and inhumane aspects of humanity. 

Yes, it seems we are all learning our lessons. Whether it's in strength and courage, or frailty and the delicate nature of health and wellness. Global financial systems and supply chain disruptions due to an overwhelming over-dependence on globalized business operations and fluid transport of goods. Demonstrating just how dependent we are on allocation and availability of goods and fuels. Globally and locally.

Adaptation may be the next sustainability hot term as we learn to change course and redirect our intentions from inner exploits of passing interest to higher degrees of value. Americans are waking to the inner conflicts with consumption. Consuming fuel to arrive to an unnecessary office of individuals whom also consumed fuel and burned carbons to arrive to the same unnecessary work environment.

After years of stalled activities and uncertainty in employment and health, Americans are now identifying with their core values and acknowledging with the intent to alter the antiquated systems built to support a petroleum based economy. This old model is undergoing a cultural shift. One of lesser consumption and greater contribution. A healthy new America.

However, the existing infrastructure is still embedded into the environment and businesses systems are stacked to leverage these systems and capitalize on their operations. Removing or even simply altering their course takes time. We are undergoing a global shift in mindset and old wars are old men jokes in todays woke world. But progress is expensive, especially when profits are to be made. 

Perhaps this is why we are seeing new value systems, bit chains and currency's to support a new incoming economy that is ever further embedded in technology. However, we must also acknowledge the failure points of simplifying every concept into mere 0's and 1's. Our value systems must analyze these digits for another third possibility. A middle way.

Free higher education still seems a fantasy world away for North America. Yet this seems the obvious future. Educated and skilled humans engaged in empathic and affective labor. We must prepare for the continued mechanism of previous labor systems. To author, create and engage with a minimal carbon footprint. This will require education to live and thrive. Loneliness is the new illness and community will be required in new and unexpected ways and forms.

Creative community. Creative culture. Creator economy. Whatever you want to call it or formalize it as. The new coming lifestyle will even further expand on the notion of standing on the shoulder's of prior generations. There will be many painful global lessons along the way too. Adaptable we must become.

"Imagination is the ultimate technology."

Nathaniel Jack Greene - Chief Imaginologist and Founder, Imaginology, LLC

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