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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Managing Virtual Festivals and Clients

 Managing clients can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a successful business.

  • Expectations
  • Budgets
  • Deliverables
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Adaptability/flexibility

Ultimately, the name of the business game for a humanist oriented mission is: to improve the human condition. This can look many ways, but starts with clients as partners aligned with your mission.

Another way is in devoting a year to another organization's non-profit cause and mission. Reducing rates by as much as 65% to ensure that the client has enough room to grow. Advancing their cause and ideally, ensuring they take you with them, as they see the ever increasing value brought to the table in addition to experience and knowledge. Somehow justifying the vast discounts provided for a good client, doing good work for the community.

Show up early. Leave Late. Commit. Grind. Sweat. Produce. Deliver. Confirm.

Unfortunately, ungrateful clients exist, work goes unnoticed, discounts are discounted, demands increase and services and products offered are undervalued.

We work hard to maintain a professional approach to all business handlings, clients, vendors and partners at Imaginology.

Contracts and agreements are how we base all of our business. Imaginology signs the same agreements we request our clients and partners to sign.

All projects are handled with a confirmation of agreement (COA). This is for everyone's protection and ensures that we are all in agreement of what we are delivering etc.

This ensures the client AND Imaginology understands the scope of the project, the timeline for completion and the materials & budget required, with payment details specified in black and white and signed by both parties.

It IS common for the client or Imaginology to need to change the scope of a project when underway. The world is imperfect and we sometimes must adapt to the new circumstances in order to continue to conduct business in a professional manner.

When clients do not acknowledge these changes in contract terms, details or even the concept of "confirmation of agreement", business gets muddy quick.

Communication with the client about these changes and their effects is crucial. Education of these concepts is drastically lacking for leadership in some arts and culture sectors.

Unfortunately, this can lead to underfunded artists and/or business relationships and even exploitation that ends unsuccessfully.

After 25 years of business in multimedia productions, we have seen many client types, productions successes as well as a few failures. 

When Imaginology is doing it's greatest service, it is sometimes simply educating the client, customers and the industry on opportunities for improvement. A good lesson is one that is learned loud and clear.

Given the erratic business climate of a pandemic year, clients appear to be learning the hard way this year.

Imaginology is holding fast to these standards and invites you to reach out to us for consultation on making your live, virtual festival, event or digital culture experience a success worthy of a legacy.

"Imagination is the ultimate technology."

Nathaniel Jack Greene - Chief Imaginologist and Founder, Imaginology, LLC

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