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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Imaginology Mission: Improve the Human Condition

My whole life I have been an Imaginologist, an artist and engineer. I believe in the power of art and technology to improve the human condition.

I also like to play and although I have spent decades producing educational media for the medical field, I have always found it important to have a creative outlet. More recently however, I have found that my interest in producing has less to do with entertainment or income and more to do with directly effecting peoples lives in a positive way. I am realigning my course to this cause.

In the last several years, I have worked with some talented artists and engineers who have collaborated to push the limits of creative technology. We have won awards and advanced performance art and puppetry. These advancements have been kept low-key as we continue to develop and refine as well as define new applications for these discoveries.

We must be responsible with our choices regarding technology applications. Technology isn't just fun and games. Most people consume media using technology, but the creative opportunities are far greater. We must remain engaged and productive in some capacity.

I believe we can all see the negative effects and possible outcomes of harnessing certain technologies. Back and neck pain, eyesight loss and attention deprivation and social withdrawal to name but a few.

As a visionary, I have dreams of human transcendence and sometimes Orwellian nightmares. Yet I am eternally optimistic that computing is just part of natural human evolution. Bio computing, neural mapping, robotics, experiential and virtual computing are seemingly converging towards a unified field. Interdisciplinary studies will continue to thrive and solutions based thinking is becoming our greatest asset.

We have many problems to solve and the potential to network humans to accomplish great things in this generation. We simply need leadership, prioritization and resource distribution to elevate our consciousness to our higher purpose. To evolve...

I have heard many technologists and insightful minds repeat the mantra - these are very interesting times!

Well, these ARE very interesting times indeed!

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