Monday, April 16, 2018

Shipping Container Apartment Tour - Containers on Grand, Phoenix, AZ

Tiny living for tall people is an exploration into intentional living. Downsizing, simplifying and reorganizing material life was required to adapt to 1/3 of the living space I had grown accustomed to. Adapting as a tall (6' 5") person, I was especially skeptical when originally considering the idea. I have personally found new freedom, a sense of community and many conveniences and benefits to tiny living.

This is my first video to invite others to visit and experience the Containers on Grand apartments to see some of the benefits and challenges to living in a tiny home. I am interested in visiting and living in other tiny house environments and communities in the future.

David Byrne, Slippery People, Live, April 15th, 2018

David Byrne, still the seemingly accessible genius, merging music and theater with intelligence, relevance and fun.
The answer to life, the universe and everything = 42, which so happens to be my new age, seeing David Byrne for the first time on my birthday this year. Same as it ever was. Excellent exercise in a minimal, yet extraordinarily effective stage design and performance. All musicians and dancers were free to move around the entire stage, which created a sensation of unrestricted freedom and connection to a pulsating audience.
Tucson, AZ April 15, 2018.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Multicultural Phoenix

“PHX” - original marker on glass ©️Nathaniel Jack Greene 2017

Multiculturalism is very much alive and well in Phoenix. Although half of our beautiful state is here to retire away their days in the eternal sunshine, in a material’s heaven, the other half of the state of Arizona is of and from, every continent in the world now, due to the attraction of light rail, low cost of living and downtown convenience of multiple state universities, Phoenix is becoming the hub for humanity. With the immediate relationship to our natives and a history of pioneering the west, Phoenix is always poised to stand for it’s name, again and again.

Dismissal of crimes and injustice has been a hallmark of the Wild West. Sheriffs town-isms and authoritarian rule is over in Phoenix…and the crowds that showed to protest this, demonstrated an alignment. Regardless of the pardoning of obstruction of justice charges, Phoenix is no longer under siege. Phoenix stands united in two halves, like much of the nation. The difference is, those who were always Phoenicians and will always be Phoenicians, are stronger than ever. The remaining world is attracted to this and is visiting and purchasing the low-lying fruit of our labors. 

Phoenicians must unite, align and identify around sound strategies for sustainable growth and development of the future Phoenix we all wish and envision to see. Else we suffer the consequences of a lack of voice and regretful sorrow as we gaze upon our concrete-condo-jungle, rapidly becoming too expensive for our known culture to thrive in. 

To accept half it’s identity in a sincere and collective way, is how to raise the Phoenix. Escalating humanity in a collective cause for humans of ALL nature.