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Thursday, April 9, 2020

World Premiere of The Afterlife with Bony Tony - Viral Edition 2020!

"Imagination is the ultimate technology" 
Nathaniel Jack Greene
Founder, Imaginology
Imaginology has been gaining traction despite the economic and public health concerns this quarter. We are celebrating 25 years (in 2021) as an independent, Imagination Technology, LLC and have transitioned to a partnership, corporation this year. Our partners are committed to creating top notch, original solutions and we have dozens of advanced projects in development.

The Afterlife with Bony Tony - Viral Edition 2020

The ENTERTAINMENT program gaining the most traction at the moment is the original program "The Afterlife with Bony Tony".

The original concept was written in 2010, and a 22 minute pilot episode was created in 2012 and has been on the shelf since. We believe the program to have been too advanced for the "times" as it deals with the topic of death, straight on. However, the character Bony Tony appeals to halloween audiences and is also very popular during difficult social times. The recent pandemic has brought Bony Tony back to the screen and the internet again as audiences demand direct, comedic relief from their most deepest psyches.

As a result, we have released a short (TRT 7:26) Viral Edition 2020 of the Afterlife with Bony Tony to the public on Youtube and Facebook to great applause. Bony Tony has been making public appearances and interacting LIVE with his growing audience and "friends" on http://facebook.com/theafterlifewithbonytony. Bony has nearly 1,000 friends now and we are working on increasing his social media audience even more. 

We are currently seeking distribution opportunities and channels to deliver our content to broader audiences. We are now in production of more episodes and additional programming. We appreciate your input and feedback @ogbonytony.

Title: The Afterlife with Bony Tony - Viral Edition 2020
Copyright: © 2020 Imaginology, Inc. all rights reserved
TRT: 7:26

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