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Friday, July 24, 2020

Imaginology Opens Studio: Ready to Collaborate

Live Animation and Video Production Studio
in the Grand Avenue Arts District

The Imaginology studio is the newest creative resource in the Grand Avenue Arts District offering live animation and video streaming production services. A collaborative venture between Artist, Animator, Producer Nathaniel Jack Greene and Fabrication Artist Ryan Gallagher, the studio aims to provide a creative space to produce anything the imagination can dream up. From character design, creature creation, set design, and puppetry to producing a web series, creating commercials, or turning yourself into an animated character that can perform in real-time, these Imaginologists will make it happen.

Located inside the Grand ArtHaus on the corner of Grand Avenue and Roosevelt Road, the fully equipped studio opened its doors in June 2020 assisting with the video production of a live streaming event organized by Cultural Coalition, Inc, a local arts and culture non-profit organization. 

According to Greene, “Working with Cultural Coalition was an honor for Imaginology. The studio offered solutions to provide additional capabilities, enabling pre-recorded video playback and custom graphic switching during the event. We helped remove technical concerns so the staff could focus on content, donations, and bringing attention to Cultural Coalition’s mission of education, promotion and development of Indigenous artists in Arizona.”
The Summer Solstice Celebration Facebook Live 2-hour program reached over 9,000 views and streamed to homes in over 15 different countries and included performances from a collection of artists known in the Valley, and internationally including Ken Koshio, Zarco Guerrero, and Tony Duncan. 
Gallagher and Greene are clear, "Community collaboration is an integral part of Imaginology."  Gallagher continues, "Working on projects with organizations like Cultural Coalition, supporting the diverse artists and businesses of the Valley, reinforces our commitment to provide a variety of opportunities to our community. Whether it's artist talks, design workshops, video production, or a space to build a creation, the Imaginology studio is a resource for everyone." 
Gallagher and Greene are excited to continue collaborative projects with artists, businesses, and non-profits throughout the Valley. Visit www.imaginology.com or call (602) 510-3563 to find a full catalog of services provided by Imaginology.

The Imaginology studio is located on the northwest corner of Roosevelt Street and Grand Avenue at 1501 Northwest Grand Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85007 inside the Grand ArtHaus. Book a FREE phone or video chat consultation today to discover how Imaginology can add value to your next project.


  1. I'd like for you to come up with an RV hillbilly puppet.

    1. Open to the challenge! Please DM nathang@imaginology.com with your idea and we can help make it happen! PS-we do have Cleatus Waynewright as one of our characters. He was in the trailer park in Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K67b55ibHP4