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Monday, March 1, 2021

Opening a Virtual Streaming Studio - The First Year

In reflecting on a successful year of building a production studio during a pandemic, the items that come to mind are numerous and extensive. I will continue to share throughout this year as Imaginology turns 25 years of age in 2021, but I have outlined some top thoughts and insights gleaned from the last year of preparing for business.

Having dreams of a dedicated studio or physical location for decades and finally achieving this vision during a year of pandemic complications, economic disruption and political chaos somehow seems impossibly appropriate for the dualistic nature of the universe. In difficulty, comes opportunity. In chaos, comes order. In failure, comes success. In the form of lessons and long-term commitment. True are these things, especially if we validate that nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come, when combined with fortune favoring the prepared.

Although envisioning and intention work was undoubtedly required, it was only a small fraction of the complex formula and sacrifice required to advance a vision from mental exercise to action and implementation. The vision for an Imaginology studio is several decades in development and did not instantly appear. Thinking back to it's origins, Imaginology has always demanded a dedicated space and has had a handful of small offices and cubicles over the years. At it's most homey, Imaginology was installed into the garage of my home. Once your company has taken over your basement den and displaced your vehicles in the garage for the space required to complete production projects, it is clearly time to make the mighty move to establish a physical production studio location. (insert divorce, loss of home, bankruptcy, depression and a near death experience and you have a few more of the required ingredients for success, perhaps).

Family and friends - the secret sauce. Many individuals have committed to facilitate, support and enable Imaginology projects and productions over the years. The cost to create independent productions is a small fortune and the Imaginology community has paid dearly over the years and deserves any and all rewards, returns and recognition for their contributions that they reasonably request or require. It has always been an Imaginology belief that the individual has unlimited potential. Working with Imaginology leverages the individuals experience working with the brand and organization and enhances their experience in life in various ways and by experience design and the Imaginology CurriculumTM. The possibility and perhaps viability of an Imaginology studio exists as a direct result of the family and friends associated with and sometimes barreled over by the existence of a vision whose time has come. As Founding Director, it has been my personal responsibility to ensure the continued success and growth of Imaginology. Sometimes, just a simple association with me, results in a commitment to the organization, as I have fully dedicated my life's work to "improve the human condition" and therefore have pre-existing conditions associated with maintaining personal and intimate relationships. Separating work from self seems disconnected or disingenuous when attempting to accomplish projects and productions with precision, clarity and fidelity. Ultimately however, I Nathaniel Jack Greene, work for my kids. They will ultimately be the success or failure of me and have sacrificed the most. They should then withhold the majority stake in any future endeavors. They should both be included in our film productions as they are both incredibly beautiful and talented people inside and out.

Failure - the inevitable teacher. Undeniably, I have failed in my career as Chief Imaginologist and Founder. I have failed to meet the commitments required to grow the business as the potential demands. I have failed to expand internationally as the organization has needed. I have failed to fund projects and productions with the resources that would ensure global distribution or visibility and sometimes commercial success. I have failed to scream loud enough for help when I really, truly needed it and have also been just too stubborn to ask for the help that does not require screaming. I have failed to write or communicate about my failures as I am now. I have failed to maintain relationships for which the organization may have further benefitted from or been of benfit to. I have failed to cash in short term, for the prize inside at the bottom of the box. I have failed in my intimate relationships and loves. I have failed my family and I have failed myself. These acknowledgements of failure help inform success and are not acknowledged as a form of disappointment, rather, the hard, real-world truths of a business in the process of becoming and developing beyond the constraints of these failures. Acknowledging shortcomings helps to inform future decisions and success.

Humor - the essence of the human existence. Yes, it is ALL funny. Even in the most painful way. To have humor in the darkest hour is what the soul demands to survive during crisis. To chuckle at the imperfection of everything reminds you of just how human we all truly are. With a global pandemic at hand, America on fire and uncertainty being the new operating system, humor may be the antidote to the depressive nature of social politics that predominate the American psyche if not the global psyche. Funny thing is, we are now entering a new era of politics in America. Arguably, one of new direction and energy.

Advancements - The advancements we have made with Imaginology over 25 years are priceless and may only ever be counted by future generations. This is now by design, as we intend to extend the vision for an improved human condition into the next millenia as is increasingly necessary. Imaginology Foundation 2021-3030. Imaginology.org.

In conclusion, there is no conclusion. The process continues. Failures. Success. Hard work. Humor. Family and Friends. Those who have taken a strong stand with the mission to improve the human condition will continue to flourish as we establish the next generation of Imaginologists. Please contact me directly if you feel a gravity to our cause or wish to leverage our shared vision. We are seeking present and future Imaginologists now.

"Imagination is the ultimate technology."

Nathaniel Jack Greene - Founding Chief Imaginologist

Nathaniel Jack Greene
Founding Chief Imaginologist

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