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Friday, September 25, 2020


Summer, AD two thousand and twenty years. Phoenix. Maricopa County. Arizona. The United States of America. Earth. 

Bothered and cautious is the feeling of the Chief Imaginologist.  

Global human condition = unhealthy. 

Cautiously optimistic and eternally grateful for the love shared and interest in Imaginology studio. 

A space dedicated to the development of our mission: to improve the human condition.

After 25 years of trial, triumph, failure, sacrifice, bloody, sweat, and a few too many tears, Imaginology has a new future. Beyond prior space limitations and constraints. A home for our continued creative development and community collaboration. 

Bring the future on. Humans are preparing for a new condition. One of health, prosperity, and natural order with justice. 

2020 has presented a too complex dichotomy of states, however. Polar opposition. Extremes. A moment in humanity never before observed or experienced by so many.

Juxtaposition is defined as two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect. 

As an animator, I am seeking the spectrum of energy that often is expressed in a given moment. Juxtaposition can be a beautiful aesthetic when opposing natures combine and become harmonious.

Opening a studio during social distancing, quarantines, stay at home orders, and limited interactions with humans; Juxtaposed by the desire for human connectivity, touch, time, and shared expression. Demanding virtual chats, video conferences, and assistance across the digital "Threshold". 

Being out of work, juxtaposed with so much work to do. 

Installing Phoenix, Arizona's first live, animation studio for performance and human expression through characterized form; Juxtaposed by the dissonance and fears for health and safety in a global pandemic, socio-economic climate. 

The tragedy of this global virus affects humanity; Juxtaposed by the will to improve the human condition. To assist others with telling their story. Sharing this moment in time. This cultural paradigm shift. The clash of positives and negatives. The inability to define all contexts into a black or white box. 

Unrest in many forms. Social. Political. Psychological. 

This unnerving inability to see a middle way; Juxtaposed by the opportunity to acknowledge the unpredictability of now. 

Fear of disease, government, foreigners, and your neighbors; Juxtaposed by the courage to cooperate and engage in the local community of action.

Independence, juxtaposed by lockdowns.

Dualism suggests that every negative consequence or action has an equal and opposite reaction, just as Newton's third law of physics proves.

Humans suffer; therefore, we must thrive.

In difficulty, we must triumph.

With destruction comes creation.

                                                                         - Nathaniel Jack Greene - Chief Imaginologist 

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