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Friday, September 18, 2020

The Future is Unwritten

As Chief Imaginologist, I have kept a calendar reminder for me every Friday at noon to read, “The future is unwritten.” A wise mentor of mine suggested a weekly reminder to acknowledge that every moment is an opportunity to do something better than before. It is helpful to acknowledge the work you will do in the week to come while giving you a breath to acknowledge the work you have accomplished thus far. 

What a year at Imaginology. 2020. Who would have thought? I mean, we were promised jetpacks or hoverboards or some other brand name that no longer applies to only our hopes and desires for a more space-age future. I suppose you could perceive filtration masks, personal health protective equipment, healthcare precautions, and travel restrictions a perfect sign of what was to come.


However, an Imaginologist prefers to engage in healthy, constructive criticism, not cynicism, and remains focused on the potentials awaiting to be discovered and/or rediscovered. The darkest hour is always just before dawn.

Spending 25 years struggling to migrate traditional, analog businesses, non-profits, and individuals to digital culture technologies. Juxtaposed by the overwhelming demand for experience and expertise in managing a media production pipeline business.

With such a busy year, I have had so many matters on my mind. This is a blog post to acknowledge the progress and prepare myself for what is to come. I am writing with great fervor and will continue to edit and reiterate. 

Grief processing. The pain humanity has felt this year as a global whole, has been palpable. Americans were, and still are, destined to be of another nature. One of independence. One of health and prosperity with balanced and accountable governance representative of the will of the people. All people. 

With so much of the world in pause, Imaginology has been juxtaposed by great, rapid action and growth. Expanding our operations, growing a team of globally focused and locally active Imaginologists. With the recent launch of our Apprenticeship Program, we are well positioned for a positive impact in our local and global community. 

As Imaginology opened its first studio location on Historic Grand Avenue this year, there wasn’t a living spirit to be found. Dark, silent, and alone, Imaginology opened. The deafening silence of the streets of Grand Avenue. Pre-pandemic was always a hub of central Phoenician’s low-rider, bass rumbling, cruiser culture, blending with hot-rod hotheads dragging the asphalt between hipster hops of brews, tunes and art views. Now, not a living soul. Months passed. More people died. We stayed safe. We stayed in. We stayed healthy. We worked our asses off.

No moment of silence is long enough for this moment of grief. As if humans haven’t suffered enough throughout time? 

Imaginology feels this. How do you claim to improve the human condition as a company mission, when so much of the world is sick and dying? How does anyone claim to be capable of improving the human condition in this mess? 

Mindset. You endure, focused on solutions. Cross-pollinating ideas with other specialties. Synthesizing new ideas by combing the old. Juxtaposing ideas or specialties. Sometimes discovering a harmonious blend of ideas and language or sometimes finding polar opposition and incompatibilities. This is sometimes how innovative ideas are formed. Problems are solved. Sometimes it is simply an exercise. However, exercise prepares for the inevitable. Exercise conditions for the trials ahead.

Imaginology anticipates another 1010 years of improving the human condition. More on that, yet to come.

- Nathaniel Jack Greene - Chief Imaginologist 

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